Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Five Doctors - 'Oh, so there are five of me now!'

Hello guys, UDWF1 here! I think it's about time I actually posted on this thing

I have started to make a list now of a group of classic episodes I will watch before the fiftieth anniversary. These include Terror of the Zygons, The Green Death and Rememberance of the Daleks (feel free to suggest a good Cyberman one, thanks!) The first one I watched was the Five Doctors, which I thought was an absaloutly fantastic episode and will forever be one of my favourites. I will do a post about my top 5 episodes soon. Yes.

However, I was surprised when Richard Hurndall's replication of the First Doctor (Poor old Will was dead you see, rest in peace) exclaimed 'Oh, so there are five of me now!' This confused me a little, because although there were five Doctors in the episode (Well, four-one of them didn't make a proper appearance) this quote suggests that there were only five Doctors throughout the whole of Time and Space.

Being a viewer of modern Doctor Who and not having been around to see its first broadcast, you can understand my confusion. Of course to this day there are eleven 'official' Doctors and soon to be twelve, so does this mean that six onwards were taken out of time for the episode? I highly doubt it.

I also noticed this in The Name of the Doctor. How come only eleven (well... twelve) Doctors existed in his memories? If that is the Doctor's time stream after his whole life, all his regenerations, then we would've seen a lot more running around in there

Meh, I'm not very good at writing long things, plus I'm about to go and watch Rememberance of the Daleks, so leave your comments below! Plus don't forget (unless you already have) to subscribe to me on YouTube for more Doctor Who-related stuff (



Saturday, 10 August 2013

Welcome to the UDWF Blog!

Hello there!

My name is Sam. I am a devoted  Whovian and stuff, just like a lot of other people you will find on the internet. I live near Cardiff, in the heart and home of Doctor Who, which is where I will differ from other people who make these blogs and things

So basically I'm gonna be posting stuff about Doctor Who on here for anyone who cares to read it. Sometimes I might post videos on here too.

For 2 weeks after I post this I'll be away on holiday, but while I'm away, feel free to take a look at my YouTube channel here where I do mainly gaming videos... yep, you guessed it, they are still all Doctor Who-related

Meh, I'm not very good at writing long things off the top of my head, but if I find some internet access in the land of wherever-I'm-going I may try and post something on here. Maybe I'll do some John Hurt theories, or why apparently only 5 Doctors existed throughout all of time in The Five Doctors, or indeed why only 12 existed throughout all of time in The Name of the Doctor

Anyway, I'll see you soon!